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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Jeskai Tempo Ver. 8 LatNim 4/7/2021
Mardu Goryo's Meryn 4/7/2021
Azorius Taxes 2021 kooba3 4/6/2021
Vex's Modern Hammer Time - Let's Build A Deck VEX MTG 4/6/2021
Vex's Modern Boros Burn - Let's Build A Deck VEX MTG 4/6/2021
Modern: UG Infect - All the Living Ends FluffyWolf 4/5/2021
Modern: Grixis Coco FluffyWolf 4/5/2021
Lightning Tribal Meryn 4/5/2021
Modern: Lantern Control FluffyWolf 4/3/2021
8-wack Evaros_TTV 4/2/2021
Omnath Dono Evaros_TTV 4/1/2021
Wydwen's Teachings Tides of iO 4/1/2021
Modern: UB Mill - Mesmeric Orb Powers FluffyWolf 4/1/2021
Cat Evaros_TTV 3/30/2021
Blink KombatMatt 3/30/2021
Modern: Izzet Hollow One? FluffyWolf 3/29/2021
Esper Control Evaros_TTV 3/27/2021
Spirits and humans Justin Chao 3/27/2021
Spirits and humans Justin Chao 3/27/2021
Spirits Modern Nick Montaquila 3/27/2021
NivCat Evaros_TTV 3/25/2021
Modern: 8 WHACK! FluffyWolf 3/25/2021
Bant Blade Evaros_TTV 3/24/2021
Modern: Jund Death Shadow FluffyWolf 3/24/2021
Modern: Red Prison - Art of Artifacts - Post SSG FluffyWolf 3/24/2021
Jund Delerium SauTay 3/24/2021
Grixis Grave Daddy SauTay 3/24/2021
first PandaKani123 3/24/2021
Bant KoTR Evaros_TTV 3/23/2021
Ponza Cthulhu 3/23/2021
Rakdos agro ThePooPooPeePeeMan 3/23/2021
Sharkstill Evaros_TTV 3/21/2021
Modern: Bant Squirrel Blade FluffyWolf 3/21/2021
Modern: Escapeshift FluffyWolf 3/21/2021
Tribal Blades Yan 3/21/2021
Bant Blades Yan 3/21/2021
Lands modern Yan 3/21/2021
4c Money Blade Evaros_TTV 3/20/2021
Modern: Maralen Arbiter Lock FluffyWolf 3/20/2021
Jund SebastianSnek 3/19/2021
Heliod! Evaros_TTV 3/18/2021
Spirited Away Cthulhu 3/18/2021
Modern: Sultai Shinobi Dono FluffyWolf 3/18/2021
Bant Control Dono KotR Evaros_TTV 3/17/2021
Modern: Jeskai Control FluffyWolf 3/17/2021
sacred beasts deck 2003_james_ 3/16/2021
Modern: Ponza Trinisphere Prison FluffyWolf 3/15/2021
Green Eldrazi Meryn 3/14/2021
Izzet Giants Meryn 3/14/2021
Mono Red Midrange Meryn 3/14/2021

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