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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Titania Lands KebbieG 7/9/2022
Modern: Red Prison - Ugin's Eidolon Fury FluffyWolf 7/9/2022
Mono G Tron uicswim 7/8/2022
4 Color Pile KebbieG 7/8/2022
Modern Spirits (budget?) Cthulhu 7/7/2022
Tribal stompy zoo Josefista2 7/7/2022
Big stompy zoo v.3 Josefista2 7/7/2022
RG stompy Josefista2 7/7/2022
Rakdos Jaxis KebbieG 7/6/2022
Golgari's Shadow Tre 7/5/2022
If I had a Million dollars BeeBane 7/5/2022
Ponza Cthulhu 7/3/2022
Carth and Friends KebbieG 7/3/2022
Mono Blue Anti-Meta Meryn 7/3/2022
Tribal geist Josefista2 7/2/2022
Revolt Zoo jolt539 7/2/2022
Crab-Vine SNAPDAXXX 7/2/2022
Junk Josefista2 7/2/2022
Modern: RW Ask Prison - v2 FluffyWolf 7/2/2022
Dwarf Vehicles Dendostar 7/1/2022
Myr Tribal- Value BeeBane 7/1/2022
First Turn Mono Black TDad 7/1/2022
Pandemonium Tron jolt539 7/1/2022
Sultai Emerge jolt539 7/1/2022
GW aggro Josefista2 6/30/2022
Sultai Superfriends (Planeswalkers) jolt539 6/30/2022
Grisly Sultai jolt539 6/30/2022
My dream Powerful Hydra/Ramp Deck bobxll 6/30/2022
Small zoo R/G Josefista2 6/29/2022
Golgari Shadow Tre 6/28/2022
Demonic Learning 9/9 Demon Turn 2 bobxll 6/27/2022
Budget Calibrated Blast Meryn 6/25/2022
Temur Stompy The Deckbuilder 6/25/2022
Liliana tribal geist Josefista2 6/25/2022
Jund 2 Josefista2 6/25/2022
BUG Infect chase277 6/25/2022
Four-Color Reanimator TimeTraveler1990 6/24/2022
Modern: RW Ask Prison FluffyWolf 6/23/2022
Izzet Just Fantasy propjake 6/23/2022
Green Tron Sad Panda 187 6/23/2022
Modern: RW Ask Prison FluffyWolf 6/22/2022
Kamikaze Huggz 6/22/2022
Budget Defender Tribal The Deckbuilder 6/22/2022
Modern: Red RAGE FluffyWolf 6/22/2022
RW Prison Palace Cruller 6/20/2022
Sultai CrabTree by SicklerMTG Meryn 6/19/2022
Orhzov kit Wordsmiithly 6/19/2022
Birgi Blitz Meryn 6/18/2022
Birgi Blitz Meryn 6/18/2022
Tameshi Bloom Meryn 6/18/2022

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