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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
adljk;bgnv;lasjnb;glan Bearsarefun 10/15/2021
Hamerrrrrrrrr Bearsarefun 10/15/2021
Jund Sacrifice Company Meryn 10/14/2021
Gruul Shamans Meryn 10/14/2021
Bant Geist Knight Spicy Unicorn Milk 10/14/2021
Modern: UB Faerie Hook - Counters and Attack FluffyWolf 10/14/2021
Modern: GB Meathook Pesty Blossoms FluffyWolf 10/12/2021
Hammer timeeeeee Bearsarefun 10/11/2021
Orzhov Taxes 2021 kooba3 10/11/2021
e stoneblade Yan 10/9/2021
Shaman Company Meryn 10/9/2021
Jund Sac Company Meryn 10/9/2021
UB Mill (need) Nug-Guppy 10/9/2021
Modern: BW Massacre Blossom Tokens FluffyWolf 10/9/2021
Modern: Rakdos Blossom Massacre FluffyWolf 10/7/2021
Mono White Ephemerate Humans Meryn 10/5/2021
GW Wrenn and Seven Lands Meryn 10/5/2021
UG Infect angrychicken11 10/5/2021
Sky High Alert Kriex Sother 10/5/2021
Modern: Meathook Massacre Tokens FluffyWolf 10/5/2021
Modern Kroxa Skelemental Kitty Nightmare v3 FluffyWolf 10/5/2021
Hunted Orb Spicy Unicorn Milk 10/2/2021
Bant Shape Anew Meryn 9/30/2021
Hungry for Burn Meryn 9/30/2021
Modern: Karnza - Ponza to my Prison FluffyWolf 9/30/2021
Modern Flyers Hombrinolol 9/28/2021
UWR Stone-Blade Tomáลก Dubrava 9/28/2021
Discard Your Hand, Please noordelijk 9/28/2021
Unnatural Growth Mono Green Stompy Meryn 9/28/2021
Modern: Showcase Burn FluffyWolf 9/28/2021
Bant Humans Company Meryn 9/26/2021
Modern: Jeskai Phoenix FluffyWolf 9/25/2021
Infect Razul45 9/23/2021
Unnatural Stompy Meryn 9/23/2021
Bant Humans Meryn 9/23/2021
Selesnya Lifegain paper 9/22/2021
Selesnya Lifegain paper 9/22/2021
Jund Midrange Spicy Unicorn Milk 9/22/2021
artifacts artifact modernnnnn 9/22/2021
artifacts artifact modernnnnn 9/22/2021
Modern: Bant Enchantment Prison FluffyWolf 9/22/2021
Fox Bots Flygonzom 9/21/2021
Modern: Red Eldrazi Prison FluffyWolf 9/20/2021
Dimir Zombies Meryn 9/20/2021
Rite of Harmony Elves Meryn 9/20/2021
Modern: Sultai Murky Mill FluffyWolf 9/15/2021
Quest for Steel MADBRO! 9/14/2021
Mardu Vampires Meryn 9/14/2021
Noble vampire Bloat lord 9/14/2021
Landfall Bloat lord 9/14/2021

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