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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
WU Aggro-Control Dendostar 1/20/2022
Modern: Oops All Chandras - Puchipo Dono FluffyWolf 1/20/2022
Modern: Mono White Prison FluffyWolf 1/20/2022
Modern Slivers Lobster Bisque 1/20/2022
budget infect shako 1/20/2022
mono black devotion shako 1/20/2022
Mono Blue Budget Mill UnderFireX17 1/20/2022
Akroan Horse KebbieG 1/19/2022
Modern: Lurrus Rock - Donation FluffyWolf 1/19/2022
Optimized Mono-Black Vampires Emma_Partlow 1/19/2022
Optimized Mono-Black Vampires Emma_Partlow 1/19/2022
Semi-Optimal Mono-Black Vampires Emma_Partlow 1/19/2022
Semi-Optimized Mono-Black Vampires Emma_Partlow 1/19/2022
red deck wins shako 1/19/2022
Zompire Aristocrats KebbieG 1/19/2022
Lutri KebbieG 1/19/2022
Umori KebbieG 1/19/2022
Zirda KebbieG 1/19/2022
Keruga KebbieG 1/19/2022
Modern: 4c Lutri FluffyWolf 1/19/2022
Carth and Friends KebbieG 1/18/2022
8 whack with cheaper sideboard CobzTheRatMan 1/18/2022
Mono-Black Vampires (Budget) Emma_Partlow 1/18/2022
elementals tyrannylol 1/18/2022
elementals tyrannylol 1/18/2022
MGA Josefista2 1/17/2022
Tenki Fresno Chesno 1/16/2022
budget affinity shako 1/16/2022
vampire aggro shako 1/16/2022
GW Katilda Humans Meryn 1/15/2022
Naya Felidar Retreat Meryn 1/15/2022
Soul Sisters KebbieG 1/15/2022
Abiding Grace Lock KebbieG 1/15/2022
Modern: Azusa Strip Mine (v2) FluffyWolf 1/15/2022
Slivers and Deathtouch cp2581 1/14/2022
Modern Mono Green Infect cp2581 1/14/2022
1 NetElvis 1/13/2022
deck 1 NetElvis 1/13/2022
Modern: Fury Red Prison ft Karn & Fire Artisan FluffyWolf 1/12/2022
Modern: Don't Blink Twice Siege Rhino Abzan FluffyWolf 1/11/2022
Modern: Lukka's Copy Cat Italian Treat FluffyWolf 1/11/2022
Simic Choke Prison 2 CalicoZach 1/11/2022
Simic Choke Prison CalicoZach 1/11/2022
Selesnya Token Dendostar 1/11/2022
Golgari Aggro-Control Dendostar 1/11/2022
Kyle freshkale 1/11/2022
Boros Aggro-Control Dendostar 1/11/2022
Modern: Boomin Red Prison FluffyWolf 1/11/2022
mono blue tron shako 1/10/2022
Jakes Temur Scapeshift KebbieG 1/9/2022
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