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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Rakdos Scam ReidDuke 12/20/2023
Temur Prowess Modern AndreaMengucci 12/20/2023
Murktide v.3 Tomáš Dubrava 12/18/2023
Orzhov Scamblade Modern AndreaMengucci 12/18/2023
Budget Modern - Spirits NarsetIRL 12/18/2023
Grixis Control Modern AndreaMengucci 12/18/2023
Dredge Modern AndreaMengucci 12/18/2023
Mono Red Ponzasaur Meryn 12/16/2023
Rakdos Scam Modern AndreaMengucci 12/15/2023
Reanimate Evoke TimeTraveler1990 12/15/2023
UR Murktide 2 Moon 4 Shredder AndreaMengucci 12/14/2023
Bg Cofferless Modern AndreaMengucci 12/14/2023
Reanimate Evoke TimeTraveler1990 12/14/2023
MonoB Coffers Modern AndreaMengucci 12/13/2023
Jeskai Prowess Modern AndreaMengucci 12/13/2023
Mono G Tron Jegantha AndreaMengucci 12/13/2023
4c CopyCat Modern AndreaMengucci 12/12/2023
5c Zoo Modern AndreaMengucci 12/12/2023
Rakdos Scam Modern post ban AndreaMengucci 12/12/2023
Mitch Bug Wheels Mahatma29 12/9/2023
Mono Red 8-Field (Post Fury Ban) by MHayashi Meryn 12/9/2023
Mono Red 8-Field (Post Fury Ban) Meryn 12/9/2023
UR Murktide 4Shredder Modern AndreaMengucci 12/7/2023
Jund Saga ReidDuke 12/5/2023
Izzet Murktide ReidDuke 12/5/2023
Yawgmoth ReidDuke 12/5/2023
Esper Geist LatNim 12/5/2023
temur murktide cenzenbacher 12/4/2023
My Co Tyrant Mahatma29 12/4/2023
Hardened Modular Ver. 2 LatNim 12/2/2023
Mono Green Tron Ver. 3 LatNim 12/2/2023
Domain SCAM Sad Panda 187 12/1/2023
Flicker Rhino RadLibra 12/1/2023
MonoR Inti-Asmo Modern AndreaMengucci 11/27/2023
The Rack Modern AndreaMengucci 11/27/2023
RUG cascade SauTay 11/26/2023
UR Ojer Wizards Modern AndreaMengucci 11/26/2023
The Millennium Calendar Enchantress Meryn 11/25/2023
RW deflection (old) havefun2 11/24/2023
BW Coffers Modern AndreaMengucci 11/24/2023
Grixis Control Modern AndreaMengucci 11/23/2023
Grixis Control Modern AndreaMengucci 11/23/2023
UR TIshanaMurk Modern AndreaMengucci 11/23/2023
Rakdos Scam Scrybabies 11/22/2023
Hammer Time! Scrybabies 11/22/2023
Boros Aggro-Control Dendostar 11/22/2023
Living End Modern AndreaMengucci 11/22/2023
Modern Temur MurkTishana AndreaMengucci 11/22/2023
Mono White Angels Aludius 11/21/2023
MonoG Tron with Ents Modern AndreaMengucci 11/21/2023

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