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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Mono-Blue Demilich Spicy Unicorn Milk 11/5/2021
Sultai Midrange Spicy Unicorn Milk 11/4/2021
Modern: Chandra Red Prison (v4) FluffyWolf 11/2/2021
Feladar Zerg Spartan412 11/1/2021
Obliterate KebbieG 10/31/2021
Temur Midrange Spicy Unicorn Milk 10/30/2021
Sultai Snow Meryn 10/30/2021
Rakdos Devils Meryn 10/30/2021
Dimir Self Mill Bio-Mech-Chris 10/30/2021
Golgari Hydra Bio-Mech-Chris 10/30/2021
Mardu Steal and Sac Bio-Mech-Chris 10/30/2021
Sultai Delve Bio-Mech-Chris 10/30/2021
Glint Ramp Bio-Mech-Chris 10/30/2021
Dimir Infect Bio-Mech-Chris 10/30/2021
Outlaws Retreat Kellonor 10/30/2021
Mono-Red Artifacts Bio-Mech-Chris 10/29/2021
Mono-Blue Artifacts Bio-Mech-Chris 10/29/2021
Boros Burn Bio-Mech-Chris 10/29/2021
Golgari Aggro-Control Dendostar 10/28/2021
Abzan +1/+1 Bio-Mech-Chris 10/28/2021
Dimir Mill (Sphinx's Tutelage) Bio-Mech-Chris 10/28/2021
Lutri Mastery Spicy Unicorn Milk 10/28/2021
Modern: Hooked on Tokens - Samingram FluffyWolf 10/28/2021
Modern: Slivers - Zachary FluffyWolf 10/28/2021
Jeskai Monkeblade v1.5 neskau 10/27/2021
Dimir Wishes Bio-Mech-Chris 10/27/2021
Sultai Zombify Bio-Mech-Chris 10/27/2021
Rakdos Prison mgio 10/27/2021
rakdos price test mgio 10/27/2021
Golgari Tutor Bio-Mech-Chris 10/27/2021
Mono Black Shadowborn Apostles Bio-Mech-Chris 10/27/2021
mono black artifacts Bio-Mech-Chris 10/27/2021
Myr Tribal Bio-Mech-Chris 10/27/2021
Gruul Landfall Bio-Mech-Chris 10/27/2021
green white tkc351 10/26/2021
Sultai Land Ramp Bio-Mech-Chris 10/26/2021
Jund Werewolves Spicy Unicorn Milk 10/26/2021
Modern: Red Prison - Anti-Reanimator FluffyWolf 10/26/2021
TitanShift KebbieG 10/25/2021
Boros Historic Bio-Mech-Chris 10/25/2021
Crab Mill Kellonor 10/25/2021
Monowhite Taxes 2021 kooba3 10/25/2021
Bant hatebears Company 2021 kooba3 10/25/2021
Elephants Meryn 10/25/2021
Oops All Lords Merfolk Meryn 10/25/2021
Elves KebbieG 10/25/2021
Zombies KebbieG 10/25/2021
Modern: Rakdos Blossom Massacre (v2 Pyro) FluffyWolf 10/24/2021
boros burn list Ransora 10/24/2021
Mill Ransora 10/24/2021

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