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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Dimir Thieves The Deckbuilder 8/10/2022
Temur Stompy The Deckbuilder 6/25/2022
Budget Defender Tribal The Deckbuilder 6/22/2022
karametra's big fat weinerschnitzel bob_the_builder 2/24/2022
big bobs bob_the_builder 2/24/2022
yuriko Bui 8/30/2020
rackin' up the burns antman deck builder 3/19/2020
Reanimator Bob the builder 3/3/2020
Knights Destruction Magic Deck Builder 2/23/2020
Free Creatures Magic Deck Builder 2/16/2020
Enchantment Mayhem Magic Deck Builder 2/16/2020
Rapid Tides Magic Deck Builder 2/15/2020
Defenders reign Magic Deck Builder 2/13/2020
Merfolk 11/11 L0rdAceX Builder 11/11/2018
Burn buildingadeck MTGO Competitive Pauper League: 09/12/18 9/13/2018
Testing ShibuinYouFace 8/16/2018
UG Merfolk L0rdAceX Builder 5/31/2018
Test deck ShibuinYouFace 5/16/2018
Aryel Knight YAAAAAA ShibuinYouFace 5/12/2018
NEHEBEBE ShibuinYouFace 3/21/2018
Avacin for the win (had to make it rhyme) ShibuinYouFace 3/4/2018
Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest Commander ShibuinYouFace 2/18/2018
Rivals Raid ShibuinYouFace 1/25/2018
4C Bad Pile L0rdAceX Builder 11/5/2017
Mardu hatebears Timthedeckbuilder 10/24/2017
Terribad BG Rock Pile L0rdAceX Builder 10/18/2017
Merfolk 9/2/2017 L0rdAceX Builder 9/6/2017
Merfolk 7/22 L0rdAceX Builder 7/22/2017
Kaalia of the vast Deckbuilds 7/18/2017
Derevi Empyrial Taptician Deckbuilds 7/18/2017
Zedruu the Greathearted Deckbuilds 7/18/2017
Karlov Deckbuilds 7/18/2017
Atraxa Deckbuilds 7/18/2017
Ezuri, Claw of Progress Deckbuilds 7/18/2017
Breya Deckbuilds 7/18/2017
Baral, Chief of Compliance Deckbuilds 7/17/2017
saskia Deckbuilds 7/17/2017
The Gitrog Monster Deckbuilds 7/17/2017
Sliver Overlord Deckbuilds 7/17/2017
Ruhan Deckbuilds 7/10/2017
Grimgrin Deckbuilds 7/10/2017
Jeleva Deckbuilds 7/10/2017
Yidris Budget Deck Deckbuilds 7/10/2017
Daretti Deckbuilds 7/10/2017
Feldon Deckbuilds 7/10/2017
Tazri Deckbuilds 7/10/2017
Omnath, Locus of Rage Deckbuilds 7/10/2017
Kalemne Deckbuilds 7/10/2017
meren Deckbuilds 7/10/2017
Yidris Deckbuilds 7/10/2017
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